Rebecca Strang, BA

Rebecca Strang, BA

Rebecca has been providing social/emotional/ and behavioral support to children, coaching to parents and families and training to schools for nearly two decades. She is a strong proponent of (NET) Natural Environment Teaching, and has found coaching in the moment in the child’s home, school and other environments to be highly effective. Bridging the gap between the therapy room and home she enjoys creating, collaborating and communicating common goals and objectives that promote “whole child” wellness across all of the environments that children navigate. Rebecca also provides parent training at home and in the office.

Rebecca specializes in highly complex cases where children have not responded to traditional therapies. Along with providing behavior/wellness support during challenging times at home, Rebecca also provides training in social cognition, respect, kindness, collaborative problem solving, trauma informed approaches, whole family perspective taking, “finding yes” and “accepting no”. She is an advocate of family togetherness and play. In addition to the home environment, Rebecca provides real time coaching for family vacations, and other challenging events.

Possibly the best way to summarize her impact upon families was provided recently by parents of an 8-year old girl:

“With Rebecca’s expertise, we could see our daughter in a whole new light and respond to her behavior in a more appropriate manner. We felt empowered! We could not have done any of this without Rebecca’s support and guidance. She is an untiring champion for her students and their families.”

Rebecca has worked with and in many private and public schools throughout Fairfield County as a consultant in classroom management, behavior modification, pro-active/re-active strategies training, non-traditional response programs and strategic problem solving. In addition, she has vast experience working in schools with students who have highly complex social, emotional and behavioral profiles and she excels at untangling misread and mistreated Behavior Intervention Plans. Rebecca also consults on the writing of social, emotional, behavioral curriculum and lesson plans as well as the review, editing and writing of IEP goals and objectives. She is a strong advocate of nurturing a child’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Prior to her work as a Behaviorist, Rebecca had a long career as a professional actress and in her free time sings professionally.