Paige Davis, BA

Paige Davis, BA

Paige is an Executive Functions Coach at The Southfield Center following extensive involvement in the Greenwich Public Schools as a parent leader, volunteer and participant in many vital educational task forces.  She gained her deep knowledge of executive functions through helping her own daughter, who has learning disabilities, as well as through Executive Function training, coursework at the Windward School, numerous workshops on Executive Functions, Reading Comprehension, Learning & the Brain, and special education instruction and advocacy.

• BA in Fine Arts from Colgate University

• Experienced Executive Functions Coach

• Developed Introduction to Executive Functions workshop for the Southfield Center

• Trained in Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program

• Certified CogMed Specialist

My motivation and passion for helping struggling students comes from my first hand experience of the challenges my daughter faced. I have a nurturing, creative approach and endeavor to put students at ease so they feel confident and can focus on achieving independence. I believe in strength-based coaching and enhancing a student’s sense of competency as well as providing encouragement and guidance for self-advocacy.

As a perpetual and eager learner myself, I am always striving to improve my knowledge base and performance through attendance at workshops and classes. In addition to my involvement with special education and Executive Functions Coaching, I have broad experience in the local public schools as a Chair of the Special Education Supports Committee, member of PTA Council executive committee, district-wide task forces, and Strategic Improvement Teams at the elementary and high school levels.

My motto for life’s struggles and long car rides is, “We’ll be there when we get there”.