Rene’ Steffann, MA

Rene’ Steffann, MA

Rene Steffann is an Executive Functions Skills Coach. Rene has been coaching and tutoring students for over a decade. Helping them to develop skills, strategies and routines which increase their confidence and teach them how to accomplish long term academic goals. Rene is a certified history teacher who has taught middle school and high school. She earned a Masters Degree of Education at National University in La Jolla, California, and has practiced Executive Function Skills throughout her academic career.

  • Master’s Degree of Education
  • Certified Secondary Social Studies Teacher
  • Experienced Executive Functions Coach
  • Writing and Research Coach
  • History and English Curriculum tutor

My goal is to help students recognize their goals. To assist them through teaching learning strategies which best suit their learning styles. I collaborate with students to help them set priorities and determine the best approach for each assignment. I support them by developing their awareness, their independence, and their consistency. I try to mentor my students and reduce anxiety with step-by- step solutions and active strategies. I place strong focus on reading, writing, note taking, outlining and study planning, and address the executive functions of time management, organization, working memory, and task initiation.

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection”~ Kim Collins