Extended School Year (ESY): Summer Curriculum Remediation / Summer Grade Recover / Summer Course Preview

Extended School Year (ESY): Summer Curriculum Remediation / Summer Grade Recover / Summer Course Preview

One-on-one curricular tutoring with collaboration from your child’s school for extended school year, grade recovery, course preview, foundational review, and course review.


At The Southfield Center, our experienced and certified teachers work with students, families, and schools to establish clear summer curriculum goals that can include:

  • Grade recovery
  • Course preview
  • Foundation review
  • Course review


For example, if your child has struggled this year in math, we can work with the school to establish a summer review / preview / foundations course to prepare your child for next year’s math course.


Learning Coaches work one-on-one with students. We establish immediate rapport while identifying goals and flexibly moving through curriculum at a pace to commensurate with your child’s abilities.


In an ideal world:

  • MAY / JUNE: Summer 2016 goals are established in conjunction with the school with a full intake meeting.
  • JUNE: The work done with the Southfield Coach commences with an assessment (unless the school can provide an assessment).
  • JUNE: A calendar is established to identify all meeting dates, coupled with curriculum / assessments to be covered.
  • JULY / AUGUST: The Learning Coach works with your child.  The meetings happen at The Southfield Center (although some meetings can accommodate a camp or vacation schedule through Skype / FaceTime / GoogleDoc).
  • AUGUST: You / the school received progress notes, assessment to demonstrate mastery, and the like.


Intake Price: $130.00 Intake Meeting (with school, parents, learning specialist, etc.)

Price Per Session: $130.00 per meeting (generally 55 minutes) at The Southfield Center

Different Location (home or school): $150.00 per meeting


[NOTE THAT intake / school prep meeting costs to assemble curriculum may apply based upon the individual need of the student.]