Math Remediation / Math Foundations

Math Remediation / Math Foundations

Math remediation/foundations consists of one-on-one meetings with a flexible schedule, and an opportunity for partnership with curricular teachers, at the school to define measurable goals for your child.


Experienced and Certified Teachers / Learning Coaches at The Southfield Center offer summer math remediation / math foundations work to help your child review, preview, and demonstrate mastery on math foundations and concepts as follows:


  • Start summer work with an assessment to help identify the challenges that the student faces OR
  • Start summer work with the challenges identified by the student’s current math teacher(s)
  • Assemble a course:
    • FIRST MEETING: Welcome / Rapport / Short Assessment
    • THIRD MEETING: Entrance Ticket: IDENTIFIED CONCEPT; Introduce / Teach NEW CONNECTED CONCEPT / Exit Ticket
    • ETC.


The goal: you, your child, and your child’s math teacher(s) will have clear guidance on math challenging math concepts.


Price: $130.00 per meeting (generally 55 minutes) at The Southfield Center

Different Location (home or school): $150.00 per meeting


[NOTE THAT intake / school prep meeting costs to assemble curriculum may apply based upon the individual need of the student.]