SuperKids Spring 2015

SuperKids Spring 2015

SuperKids Spring Semester

The Southfield Center for Development has a few spaces open for children and adolescents in the SuperKids group series which are currently underway. SuperKids is a series of 10 group sessions that is aimed to help boys and girls who are between the ages of 4 and 18, who have significant communication and social challenges. The groups are formed by carefully matching children with similar needs and developmental levels. In SuperKids, group members learn to identify obstacles to their social interactions, label them, and learn strategies and coping skills to compensate for these difficulties. SuperKids is available to work closely with the child’s school and family, across a wide range of issues, including: social thinking challenges, AD/HD, anxiety disorders, autism and pervasive developmental delay.
We are currently looking to fill the remaining space in the following groups. If you feel that your child could fit into one of these groups or you do not see a group that fits your child’s needs or schedule, please contact us for more information or additional group placements!

6:30 10-12 year old girls

5:15 11-13 year old boys (FEW SPACES)
6:30 14-15 year old boys

To Be Scheduled
14-15 year old girls

     If you are interested in having your child join, or would like to learn more about the SuperKids group program, please refer to the contacts below:

Taylor Kurtz
Psychology Assistant
(203) 202-7654, ext. 126

Clorinda Moccia, Psy.D.
(203) 202 – 7654, ext. 112