Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

The Southfield Center offers five informative, interactive workshops to support professional development of the 21st century teacher:


  • Behavior Management Strategies to Support the Inattentive, Incurious, and Impulsive Student
  • Promoting Executive Functions in the Classroom
  • Meaningful Minutes: The 21st Century Teacher
  • Maximizing Literacy Skills Through the Elementary School Years
  • The Anxiety Epidemic in the Classroom: How to Identify it and Support Positive Coping Strategies


Hallmarks of collaborative professional development work between The Southfield Center and your school:


  • The Southfield Center collaborates with the school for a “professional development intake” to outline goals for the work before the delivery of the work.
  • The facilitators at The Southfield Center are an engaging balance of research and practical suggestions for the teacher.
  • The Southfield Center’s presentations are designed for delivery in 2-3 hour segments and are led by experts in the field of education.
  • For the school that wishes further professional development, professionals from The Southfield Center are available to provide intensive training to school personnel to create “ambassadors” within the school. These ambassadors will be trained to carry on the professional development with the broader school community.